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Our site drives over $1.45B in sales every year by leveraging our unique platform and integrated marketing solutions.

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We deliver the entire shopping experience, not just part of it.

Our highly-engaged community relies on Slickdeals for every part of their shopping journey, which means higher conversion rates and unprecedented data and attribution.

Reach millions of people with their wallets at the ready.

As product experts and value enthusiasts, Slickdeals shoppers are ready, willing and able to transact.

Reach millions of people with their wallets at the ready
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Learn how Slickdeals works with companies like ebay

"Slickdeals is a top partner in 50% of our agency programs. We have strategically worked with the Slickdeals editorial team to add contextual context to our offers in market and a unique perspective on our client's features & benefits. The team at Slickdeals has also been imperative in guiding pricing and product decisions for clients looking to expand immediate sales impact. The team has the knowledge base and expertise to suggest pointed solutions to help guide our media strategy for clients."

Tiffany Koptish | Sr. Director, Facebook Affiliate Program

“Over the past 13 years, our partnership with Slickdeals has grown to be one of the most rewarding partnerships in our network. The team at Slickdeals is exceptional in every way and consistently delivers on our asks. We have invested in countless campaigns with Slickdeals and are always impressed by both the ease of orchestrating the paid placement details and the ROAS we receive from each investment. We genuinely love working with Slickdeals and are excited about the future of our partnership together.”

Christiana Giazanti | Partner Manager, Ebay

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Social Commerce & the New Retail Experience

With the accelerated shift to digital, retailers are paying more attention to their social commerce strategy. Download the white paper to learn how retailer's are building more meaningful digital experiences for consumers.

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